maternity leave

I'll be taking my maternity leave in just a couple of weeks! I've been able to tell most of you that my last day will be April 13th. It's been a good couple of years at Potrero Hill Healing Arts, but I've decided to take an indefinite leave as motherhood will be a new experience for me!

I'll post updates here for where and when I will be back to work. Please check back.

I will miss you all.

Mon. Apr 02 2012

Holiday Open House

Looking forward to seeing you at our Holiday Open House this Sunday! It will be a chance to meet the other practitioners in the clinic and sample some of their techniques. Cinda and I will give ear acupuncture treatments and discount coupons will be available. We'll have savory and sweet treats and hot cider, too.

Please come by and tell others!

2-5 on Sunday

Fri. Dec 10 2010

Acupuncture Studies

If you've ever read any studies on acupuncture, the results can be really confusing. Here is a good article explaining some of the problems with doing clinical study on acupuncture.

Thu. Aug 26 2010

safe sunscreens

I've been on the search for a safe sunscreen that actually works for some time now. I sometimes wonder which is worse the sun or the sunscreen. Environmental Working Group has put together a sunscreen guide. Check out your sunscreen here:

Thu. Jun 17 2010

medicine of the Amazon

20100605214820.jpg On a recent family visit in Peru last month, we made a side trip to the Amazon. We got the chance to meet a shaman and hear about and sample a handful of his most used botanical medicines. In the town of Iquitos we visited IMET, Instituto de Medicina Tradicional. This is a photo of the beautiful gardens there filled with the botanicals beings studied. They run clinical trials on the medicines used by local shamans. We were fortunate enough to talk with the doctor there and hear about his work. Although his work is in botanical medicine, he was most excited to talk to us about mind-body-spirit connection!

Sat. Jun 05 2010